Question? We Have Answers.

The team at Peak Hauling is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Below are answers to the most common questions we hear. We want you to be confident in choosing Peak Hauling, knowing you’re partnering with the best Colorado Springs dumpster rental company.

Q: How much does a dumpster rental cost?
We have multiple price points based on how much dumpster you need. View our Sizes & Pricing page for more information, or click HERE to book your dumpster today.

Q: Are there additional fees?
The only additional fees we charge are found on the Colorado Springs and Fountain-Midland Landfills fee schedule, which you can find here. We charge you what they charge - no mark-up! Our dumpster rental fee includes the first two tons of refuse, any additional items are charged at the rate the landfill charges.

Q: How full can I load the dumpster?
Most dumpster rental companies don’t let customers fill above the top rail. But we make the extra investment in a tarp systems: ALL of our dumpsters have their own tarp that stays with the dumpster - not the trailer - so you can fill above the top rail. In this situation, please fill the dumpster no more than 12″ above the sides of the dumpster. By law, must still be able to contain each load with the tarp for safely hauling to the landfill. We cannot pick up a dumpster that is over-full.

Q: Is the dumpster covered while it is here?
Yes! One of the unique properties of our dumpsters is that the tarp stays with the dumpster, not the truck. So you don’t have to worry about the elements making a mess of your project! This also allows you to fill the dumpster above the top rail (see previous question).

Q: How much space does the dumpster require AND how much space for the truck to deliver and pick up?
Our 15-yard dumpsters require a 14’ x 8’ space, with about 25 feet in front for the dumpster drop-off and pick-up.

Q: What happens if I need additional days?
We understand that things happen and projects get delayed by weather and other unforeseen events. We generally give a couple of days leeway on your dumpster rental if this is the case. Otherwise, it’s $45/day after the first week.

Q: Can my dumpster rental be picked up early?
Although we have a one week minimum for pricing, we can come pick up the dumpster early if you need it moved.

Q: Is there anything I shouldn’t put into the dumpster?
Some items are prohibited by the landfill or require additional fees. We don’t mark these fees up - we charge what the landfill charges. Items include tires, appliances, mattress/box springs, batteries, chemicals (cans of paint, motor oil, etc.) and hazardous materials. If you have these items please let us know and we will be happy to discuss recycling options with you, but please do not put the items in the dumpster. And if you are unsure, just ask us!

Q: What if the dumpster is damaged during my rental period? Am I responsible?
The customer is responsible for any damage caused to the dumpster while it is under a rental agreement. This can include: unauthorized moving of a dumpster causing damage; pouring wet paint or other sticky material into the dumpster; paint overspray that affects the surface and appearance of the dumpster; dropping heavy loads into the dumpster causing dents in its interior and exterior sheet metal, etc.

Please treat the dumpster with respect. Additional charges may apply for dumpster repair and cleaning.

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