Trash Recycling Made Easy - TVs, Tires, Appliances & More

Yes, we recycle! When you rent a dumpster from us, we can recycle certain items for an additional fee. Please DO NOT place these items in the dumpster- they cannot be taken to the landfill.

If you don't need a dumpster, but have items that you would like us to pick up for recycling, add a $45 pick-up fee to the prices below. (There is no pick up fee for dumpster rental customers if we can pick up your items on the same day we pick up the dumpster.)

Colorado Springs Recycling Fees


  • Please do not place these items in the dumpster. Leave them outside of the dumpster and we will load them separately.
  • If you do not need to rent a dumpster, we will be happy to pick up your recyclable items at the price listed above PLUS a $45 pick-up fee.

As always, you are welcome to call or e-mail with any questions!